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Critical Services for Supporting the Horse Cremation Process

If you own a farm for rearing horses, then you understand the value of these animals, not forgetting the fact that they are arguably some of the expensive farm animals around. This can be attributed to their majestic and noble nature as well as their strength that ensures loyal service for years. However, just like other farm animals, horses die at some point for one reason or another; therefore, they deserve compassion and dignity when that time comes. Cremation services offer the perfect opportunity for such treatment. However, when looking for a crematorium services, you must not just look at the service provider. You need to pay particular attention to other services that support the cremation process. Read on for insight into horse cremation.

Vast Selection of Horse Urns

Most, if not all, horse owners would want their dead horse to be cremated in private so that the remains do not mix with those of other animals. Since the remains have to be put in an urn, the cremation service provider must have a vast array of horse urns in their facility. The varying designs of horse urns allow clients to choose unique pieces. Some clients might want personalised horse urns rather than the standard ones provided by a cremation facility. For instance, a client might want an urn in the colour and form of their dead horse for remembrance purposes. Therefore, choose a crematorium that offers a wide variety of horse urns.

Scheduled Pickup

If you made cremation arrangements before your horse was put down through euthanasia, then you need transport services to ensure your horse arrives at the cremation facility on time. Cremation facilities follow a strict schedule, and if you are not there on time, then you might have to postpone the process. It is for this reason that cremation services must provide scheduled pickup services — right after euthanasia — to take your horse to the crematorium. Scheduled pickup allows you to focus on euthanasia rather than on how to get your horse to the crematorium on time.

Loss Bereavement Support

If you have children that were fond of the horse, then be assured they will not take it easy. This is especially the case when they find out that the horse will be cremated into ashes. Therefore, you need a service provider you can rely on in as far as helping your children understand the goings-on as well as the reasons for cremation. If children understand the process, then it is highly unlikely that they will have a problem with grieving.